We add Human Capital via 3 main methodologies;

Executive Search
In recognition of the time, resources and specialist knowledge that the Spartan Partnership dedicates to each retained mandated search, clearly reflects the importance we attach to successful delivery. This type of Search is the suggested approach for mid to senior level candidates with unique skills who expect consummate levels of discretion and confidentiality.

We are highly focused on enhancing our clients’ market position which invariably prompts us to identify and introduce the most relevant highest performers within the houses of direct competitors.

Under this agreement, we will act as a fully 'outsourced' recruitment arm of our clients where we will conduct a thorough pro-active search process on their behalf. Engaging Spartan on an exclusively-retained basis enables our clients to ultimately hold us accountable for this recruitment process. 

Talent Identification
In our experience, our most successful clients are those who put Talent Management high on their agenda. Institutions that invest in succession planning, a key element of talent management, tend to fare better for shareholders.

Our clients feel that this approach adds an advantage over other methods of attracting new talent. They retain us to specifically and deliberately target high calibre individuals within their competitive arena regardless of geographic or cultural factors.  Due to this, we offer the capability of targeting candidates in strategic situations where our clients prefer using Spartan as an independent third party owing within our initial role as conduits.

Market Intelligence
We also provide market research, compensation benchmarking exercises and industry intelligence. Benefitting from our experienced, multi-lingual research team, this research process is dedicated to qualifying and quantifying information and market intelligence thus ensuring the highest level of accuracy according to our clients’ specific needs.

While being highly confident in our market knowledge, under no circumstances do we make market assumptions and at all times manually source information on relevant developments as soon as they occur.

We offer;

  • Multi-Lingual, multi-cultural research capabilities;
  • Dedicated research team attached to your specific requirements and needs to ensure time efficiency;
  • Thorough networking of all key individuals in the your market;
  • Compensation Benchmarking produced solely and exclusively for the consideration of you and no other clients.

Working exclusively with us will ensure;

Advocacy Spartan will act as an advocate for your brand and ensure that the messages about your strategic plans are delivered positively and consistently in the market place;
Commitment to Quality Exclusive mandates ensure a focus on quality of the candidate and the quality of the process – rather than quantity of candidates and speed of process; 
Shared Risk There is risk sharing – we are accountable to you when we are engaged exclusively.  Should we fail to complete a mandate, we will then be held to account.  To also minimise your risk, Spartan is also willing to be engaged for a time-period of exclusivity;
Candidate Buy-In Candidates respond more positively to an opportunity if one firm is working on a mandate.  They will be more wedded to the recruitment process if it is being worked exclusively;
Consistency Under exclusive arrangements, there is a consistent approach to the market, because all candidates are funnelled through exactly the same process.  You are more likely to receive a quality shortlist of candidates who have been assessed against the same criteria under these conditions;
Exploration of the market Under exclusive partnerships, there is far greater exploration of the market.  Exclusive mandates will seek to uncover passive candidates who are not actively looking for work.  These are, more often than not, the best candidates for your role;

Confidentiality is assured, because only one firm is working the role, rather than many.  This also negates the possibility of overlaps when engaging the market.

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